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Badruddin Ajmal, Assam’s AIUDF Chief apologizes for “hurting sentiments”

Badruddin Ajmal, the leader of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) and Lok Sabha MP from Assam, has apologized for making disparaging remarks about Hindus, saying he was ‘ashamed’ of the uproar it sparked, even as police complaints were filed against him across the state.

He asserted that his remarks were twisted and that he had not targeted any community.

“I didn’t mean to offend any particular community’s feelings. I’m very sorry for what I said. As a senior leader, I ought to know better than to say things like that. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statements. I feel bad about the remarks. All I want is for the government to treat minorities fairly and provide them with employment and educational opportunities “Mr. Ajmal stated.

However, he asserted that population control should be considered.

On Friday, Mr. Ajmal stated that both Hindus and Muslims should marry off their children at a young age.

“According to government regulations, Muslim women must be 18 to get married, while Muslim men must be between 20 and 22. However, before getting married, (Hindus) have one, two, or three illegitimate wives. To reduce expenditures, they choose not to have children “explained the AIUDF chief.

Ajmal stated, “They (Hindus) need to practice child marriage at an early age, just like Muslims do. See how many children are born after getting the boys married at age of 20 to 22 and the girls wedded at the age of 18 to 20.”

Diganta Kalita, an Assam BJP MLA, slammed the AIUDF chief’s remarks, suggesting he should make a trip to Bangladesh.
“We are not required to learn from him. This is Lord Ram’s and Goddess Sita’s homeland. Bangladeshis have no place in this country. We do not have to learn from Muslims “Mr. Kalita stated.

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