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Cabinet Minister UG Brahma Assesses Flood Damage and Visits Relief Camps in Tamulpur

June 23, 2023

In Tamulpur, extensive damage to both public and private properties was observed as Cabinet Minister Urkhao Gwra Brahma conducted an assessment of the flood situation.

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported thus far, but the impact of the powerful flood has been significant. Notably, an iron bridge has collapsed, and three RCC bridges have suffered damage in different areas.

Minister UG Brahma also took the initiative to visit temporary relief camps, where he personally inquired about the well-being of those affected by the flood.

During his visits, he assessed the extent of property damage and ensured that the basic necessities were being provided to the individuals seeking shelter. Presently, around 1500 people have found temporary refuge in various schools.

Accompanying the minister during his visit were MLA Jolen Daimary and the Tamulpur administration. 

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