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Children’s Room Inaugurated at DC Office, Kokrajhar

Feb 17, 2023:

A children’s room was created in DC Office, Kokrajhar as part of a novel initiative to support women officers and staff.

BTC CEM Pramod Boro, inaugurated the children’s room at the DC Office in Kokrajhar on February 15, in the presence of Varnali Deka, Deputy Commissioner of Kokrajhar.

BTC EM Reo Reoa Narzihary, Dr. Nilut Swargiary and Arup Kumar Dey, officers of Kokrajhar district administration, Inspector of Schools, Kokrajhar, staff of Kokrajhar DC Office were also present.

Varnali Deka, Deputy Commissioner of Kokrajhar said, “Friendly workspaces will further facilitate the women personnel with the opportunity to grow and contribute professionally.” In her introductory address, she mentioned that in a staff meeting the female employees with children highlighted issues related to child care, having no or minimum support. From this emerged the idea for a children’s room in the office premises.

Thereafter, a dilapidated room with old furniture etc lying idle was cleaned, repaired and painted with child friendly BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) art. The room also has book cabinets with children’s books, colourful art, floor mats etc. The room would be developed dynamically as new ideas and requirements emerge.

Following the inauguration, Pramod Boro addressed the officers and staff present at the conference room of DC Office. The BTC CEM stated that at this age, work culture has become very dynamic as a result of which work timings have become very flexible. The CEM mentioned that the Kokrajhar DC office is one of the oldest in the state, and that this initiative will greatly benefit the office’s female employees.
He also emphasised the importance of providing assistance to those who are disabled or suffering from other conditions.

The staff and officers were motivated by the visit and inspiring speech of BTC CEM. The female staff of the office hailed this initiative. Our children earlier had to spend time in the corridors of the office for want of child care support or supervision at home, they said. At times, in the past, they even kept their children in the roof tops for want of space.

The children’s room would also be upgraded to provide contributory child care, reading assistance, and other services for children of single parents and those who require child care assistance during office hours. Special play items would also be provided for infants and toddlers.

Child Room in DC Kokrajhar Office
Image credit: The Hindu
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