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Darrang: Young Entrepreneur Recognised for Creating an Academic Environment in Outlying Areas

Dec 20, 2022: Dr. Lutan Sarkar, Managing Director and Principal of Koupati Jatiya Vidyalaya, which is located along the border of Udalguri and Darrang and is dominated by religious and linguistic minority people, is among the two persons who have been recognised and honoured at the BTR government’s 2-year completion ceremony held on Monday in Udalguri.

Dr Sarkar is recognised for his years of dedicated service, exceptional performance, exemplary contributions, and accomplishments as a young entrepreneur in the field of education.

He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 by establishing an educational institution with the goal of providing quality education to children from remote areas at a minimal cost.

Now he has enrolled more than 2200 students from class I to XII, overcoming many challenges and providing direct and indirect employment to more than 110 unemployed youths from Darrang, Udalguri, and other nearby districts.

He has already adopted a local government-run school, where he hired two teachers from his own resources to balance the teacher-student ratio.

Furthermore, he is well-known for his generosity, as a result of which several children who were victims of poverty, broken families, domestic violence, etc., and on the verge of dropping out were able to exercise their right to free education.

Dr. Lutan Sarkar
Image Credit: Assam Tribune
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