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Guwahati’s Air Quality has deteriorated from Moderate to Poor

Dec 17, 2022: The most recent Air Quality Index report is a worrying sign of the city’s deteriorating air quality. Guwahati’s air quality has deteriorated to ‘poor’ due to increased construction activity and vehicular emissions.

As a result, the generation of dust particles in the Brahmaputra sand bars and hills has increased. The majority of the public has experienced severe respiratory irritation as a result.

According to Central Pollution Control Board reports, the air quality was satisfactory until the 7th of December, and breathing discomfort was minimal. However, by the next day, it had deteriorated to a moderate level.

According to the report, people who has diseases related to lungs, heart or asthma, experience uneasiness when the air quality index (AQI) falls in the moderate category. Unfortunately, on Tuesday, December 13th, the city’s air quality deteriorated from moderate to poor, worsening the situation for many people.

Manoj Saikia, Senior Environmental Scientist of Assam Pollution Control Board Management, stated that the city’s air quality deteriorates every year from November to March due to a lack of moisture and rain. As throughout the period the atmosphere is comparatively dry, sand bars forms in the river Brahmaputra.

The officer further mentioned the prime cause of pollution was the high level of construction activities around the region. Tiny particles of dust are formed during this process which results in polluting and diluting the air quality.

He also emphasised on the increased number of vehicle population not just in the state but across the entire country. Vehicle emissions are dangerous because pollutant particles present there turn the air poisonous, affecting people with heart and lung disease

The scientists also recommend decreasing the usage of vehicle by public whenever possible. In order to improve the quality of air and let the public breath clean, people should avoid using vehicles to travel short distances, added Manoj Saikia.

Guwahati Air Quality
Guwahati Air Quality | Image Credit: The Sentinel Assam
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