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Informative session of “Bodoland Pig Mission”

April 18, 2023

The BTR recently hosted an informative session and workshop on its flagship project, the Bodoland Pig Mission, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati.

BTR CEM Pramod Boro was in attendance, along with experts from Denmark, Herre Ivan Kousholt from the Zealand Business College, and Herre Niels-Erik Jespersen from the Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business.

The workshop focused on how the objectives of the Bodoland Pig Mission could align and benefit from the global strategic objectives of the India Denmark Joint Action Plan 2021-2026.

The mission aims to produce 1 lakh kg of pork per day within 5 years, and the Danish experts outlined a proposed training program to enhance value addition and breeding in the pig farming sector.

The Department officials of the Government of BTR presented detailed presentations on the goals and objectives of the Bodoland Pig Mission, as well as the existing training program for pig farmers in BTR.

The workshop was attended by EMs, senior officers of the Government of BTR, and pig farming experts, including Assam Gourav Best Farmer awardee Manoj Kumar Basumatary.

The workshop emphasized the importance of collaboration and synergy among all stakeholders in the piggery value chain to boost the pig farming sector in BTR. The vast technological expertise of Denmark could prove to be instrumental in achieving the objectives of the Bodoland Pig Mission and the growth of the piggery industry in BTR.

Bodoland Radab Headquarter in Kokrajhar town of BTR, Assam is the Number 1 Bodo News Portal of Bodoland (Officially BTR).

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