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Innovative Duo Introduces an Eco-Friendly Urjjah EV Mobility

July 7, 2023

Jaikhlong Daimary and Ruth Sangma have innovated an eco-friendly mobility solution called Urjjah EV Mobility as a sustainable alternative to combustion engine vehicles. Their startup project aims to popularize electric vehicles and combat environmental degradation caused by traditional transportation methods.

Jaikhlong, aspiring for a career in Automotive Design, started procuring inexpensive used cars to refurbish and customize. This endeavour eventually led to the establishment of Urjjah EV Mobility in 2021.

The startup’s first product, the G11, is an electric propulsion trike designed with two front wheels and one rear wheel. It boasts exceptional lightweight construction and consumes only 1 unit of electricity to travel approximately 19 kilometres, demonstrating impressive efficiency. With its clutch-free and gear-free design, the G11 offers a comfortable riding experience. The startup has also incorporated bamboo fibers into the vehicle’s structure to enhance its eco-friendliness.

Urjjah EV Mobility plans to introduce the G11 as an in-campus vehicle initially targeting universities, resorts, and tea estates. The founders have future plans to make the product road-legal following thorough testing and validation.

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