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Japanese Girl Harassed During Holi Left India

March 11, 2023:

The Japanese girl whose video of getting harassed by four boys during Holi in Paharganj went viral on the internet recently tweeted that she is currently in Bangladesh and is ‘fit in her mind and body’.

The victim girl is currently in Bangladesh and has not filed any complaints with the police or the embassy, authorities informed.
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police arrested three youths, including one juvenile for harassing the young Japanese woman during Holi.

A disturbing video surfaced on the internet, which showed the boys groping and smearing colours on the girl without her consent in an aggressive manner. The video has angered netizens, who demanded strict action against the perpetrators.

According to reports, the police had launched a manhunt to trace the malefactors. They were arrested soon after.

In a statement, the Delhi Police said, “The boys seen in the video have been identified after meticulous efforts through field officers and local intelligence. Three boys including one juvenile have been apprehended and enquired. They have confessed/admitted about the incident/happening seen in the video.”

The video was first posted by the Japanese woman who was harassed by the four accused on Twitter which was later deleted.
Action under the Delhi Police Act has been initiated against those apprehended. “Further legal action will be decided on merits and in accordance with the complaint by the girl, if any,” the statement said.

Japanese Girl Harassed During Holi Left India
Image collected from the Internet
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