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Piramal Foundation Organised Public Awareness Programme on World TB Day

March 25, 2023:

Piramal Foundation organized a program to mark the occasion of World TB Day and raise awareness about the disease. The event aimed to educate participants about the global TB epidemic and promote efforts to eradicate the disease.

Every year, World TB Day is observed on March 24th to raise awareness about the disease and promote efforts to end the epidemic.

The program was held at Amguri village under Haltugaon VCDC, Kokrajhar district.
The presence of key stakeholders like VCDC chairman Manoj Basumatary, youth leader, District lead of Piramal Foundation Sonali Basumatary, Gandhi fellow Manas Kumar, and T.K Tayuk made the program on World TB Day even more significant.

The welcome address by Miss Sonali Basumatary set the tone for the event, emphasizing the importance of working together to address the TB epidemic.

In addition to the key stakeholders, over 125 local residents of the Amguri village in Kokrajhar district also attended the program. Their participation was crucial in spreading awareness about TB and its impact on the local community.

The program featured informative sessions on TB, which provided an opportunity for participants to learn more about the disease and its prevention.

The program also showcased the work of Piramal Foundation in addressing TB. The Foundation’s efforts to improve access to TB treatment in remote areas were highlighted, and participants were encouraged to support these efforts.

A walking awareness rally was also held in the village, organized by local residents and volunteers, with the support of the Gandhi fellow and District lead of Piramal Foundation.

The program organized by Piramal Foundation on World TB Day concluded on a positive note with a pledge by all participants to work towards a TB-free world.

Piramal Foundation also expressed its gratitude to all those who attended the event and reaffirmed its commitment to addressing the global TB epidemic.

The event was a reminder that collaborative efforts and commitment are essential in the fight against the disease, and together, we can end TB.

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