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World Bank Approves $251 Million to Enhance Healthcare Service in Assam

June 22, 2023

The World Bank has approved a substantial funding of $391 million to support healthcare services and economic opportunities in Assam and Tripura. 

As stated in a press release, the Assam State Secondary Healthcare Initiative for Service Delivery Transformation (ASSIST) Project has been approved for $251 million in funding, with the aim of revolutionizing secondary healthcare services in Assam, benefitting over 1.8 million individuals in the region.

The ASSIST Project is focused on enhancing healthcare outcomes through the expansion of comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care services, as well as the improvement of treatment and management of non-communicable diseases.

As part of this initiative, up to 10 lower-level facilities will be upgraded to district hospitals in essential districts while strengthening the capacity of nurses and healthcare managers for better service delivery.

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