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121 Birth Anniversary of Mahari Sibisula Rupnath Brahma to be Celebrated at Bodofa Cultural Complex, Kokrajhar

June 15, 2023

Today, on the 121st birth anniversary of Mahari Sibisula Rupnath Brahma, a remarkable event is taking place at the Bodofa Cultural Complex in Chandamari Kokrajhar, Assam. This event is a testament to the deep reverence and admiration people hold for Maharishi Brahma and his extraordinary contributions.

Rupnath Brahma dedicated his life to the progress and upliftment of modern Assam, with a special focus on empowering the Bodo and other tribal communities in the region. His unwavering commitment to their well-being and development will be celebrated on this auspicious occasion. Rupnath Brahma’s visionary efforts have played a significant role in fostering social harmony and driving overall growth in the area.

The event will be graced by the presence of Pramod Boro, the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). As an esteemed representative of the region, Pramod Boro will join the gathering in paying homage to Rupnath Brahma. Dignitaries, community leaders, and individuals who have been deeply influenced by Rupnath Brahma’s remarkable work will also be in attendance.

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