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Assam Education Minister Orders Audit of Provincialized Degree College Due To Poor Results

June 10, 2023

The unsatisfactory results of the Higher Secondary (HS) examinations conducted in provincialized degree colleges in Assam have raised concerns for the state’s Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu. To address this issue promptly, the Education Minister has taken decisive measures to find a solution by initiating a performance audit of the Colleges. 

Education Minister Pegu has utilized social media platforms to share his observations and demand accountability. Expressing disappointment, he revealed that the colleges running the HS programs achieved a pass percentage of only 56.89%. In comparison, government schools attained a pass percentage of 75.93%, while provincialized HS schools surpassed them with a slightly higher pass percentage of 76.17%. Notably, provincialized senior secondary schools displayed the best performance, achieving an impressive pass percentage of 78.35%.

In response to these findings, Education Minister Pegu has commenced a performance audit of the provincialized degree colleges. He has requested explanations from the principals of these institutions to gain insight into the reasons behind their underperformance. The objective of this audit is to identify areas for improvement and ensure that necessary measures are taken to enhance the educational quality and outcomes in these colleges.

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