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Boragaon Dumpsite in Guwahati to become a park soon: Mr. Ashok Singhal

Jan 4, 2023: In the next few years, the Assam government intends to transform the Boragaon (Paschim Boragaon) dumping ground in Guwahati into a park.

GMDA Minister Ashok Singhal stated during a meeting with journalists in Guwahati that the government intends to convert the Boragaon dumpsite into a park soon. He stated that the conversion process has begun and that every effort is being done to convert.

The minister added that the government has granted an Administrative Approval of Rs. 172.5 crore for biodegradation of contaminated sites at Paschim Boragaon.

M/S Zigma Global Environ Solutions Private Limited have been given 36 months to complete the process.

In addition, wind rows are already formed for processing old waste. The minister also stated that a total of 15 to 17 lakh tonnes of contaminated sites will be processed and land reclamation will be completed within 36 months. The plastic discovered during this process will be burned in cement factories.

The dumpsite in Paschim Boragaon has been polluting the water in Guwahati’s Deepor Beel. Many birds have died as a result of the garbage that is dumped on the site every day. The new step provides a ray of hope for the Deepor Beel.

Boragaon Dumpsite
Boragaon Dumpsite in Guwahati to become a park soon: Mr. Ashok Singhal | Image Credit: NE NOW
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