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Chirang’s Sanjita Mushahary’s golden achievement

March 11, 2023:

Sanjita Mushahary, resident of remote Bairajhora village of Chirang district, second daughter of Nilkumar Mushahary and Tejimola Mushahary has completed her Post Graduation (MA) in the year of 2020 from Pondicherry University and has recently received the “Gold Medal Award” for the Philosophy department programme under Pondicherry University. She has also been selected for the PhD programme in the North Eastern Hills University, (NEHU) Meghalaya.

According to Mushahary, “It was made possible by setting my studies as a priority and making sure to stay up with all of my homework by utilising the resources available, such as the library, online study materials, publications, guidance, etc.”

The gold medal success was one of the coveted honours for academic brilliance, she continued, and as one of many top academic performers, it had a beneficial effect on her ideal career. She has been inspired to push herself for a higher academic programme and access to greater knowledge power, in addition to the legitimacy of pride for herself and the family.

“I have seen my parents put in long hours and sacrifices since I was a young child in order to give us access to a quality education. As my parents have always emphasised the value of education, I have striven to thrive in the classroom. Aside from that, I have made use of opportunities that have arisen for me, such grants and scholarships, to make sure that I can achieve my educational objectives. I’ve been able to fully realise my potential and seize the possibilities that have come my way,” she stated.

Mushahary advised other students who wanted to achieve comparable academic success guidance to be motivated, organised, and focused. Academic success can be attained, but it requires effort, commitment, and persistence. A personal study plan must be made. Spend some time organising, setting a timeline, and prioritising the goal by dividing it into smaller, more manageable activities. The most essential thing is to remember to take pauses and to treat yourself after finishing the job. Reminding yourself frequently of the benefits of hard effort and devotion will help you stay motivated. Always concentrating on the set goals and aims while maintaining confidence in oneself will pay off handsomely. Never let a negative attitude hold you back, and seize the possibilities that come your way, she added.

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