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Cultural exchange program marks Bwisu Festival in Bangladesh

April 29, 2023

On Friday evening (28 April 2023), a cultural exchange program was held at Khagrachhari Government College Playground in Bangladesh to mark the Bwisu Festival of Tripura community.

The event was organized by Bangladesh Tripura Kalyan Sangsad (BTKS) and saw the participation of artists from Tripura State, Bodoland, and Bangladesh.

The program was graced by Machang Kubendralal Tripura, Member of Parliament of Bangladesh and Chairman of the Task Force on Rehabilitation of India-returnee Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons.

Bridget commander Golam Mahiuddin Ahmed and MD Sahiduzzaman DC, both from Khagrachhari, were also present as special guests.

The event featured a range of performances from singers and dancers, showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the participating regions.

Singers such as Sulekha Basumatary from Bodoland, Manik Debbarma, Rumi Murasing, Sadhana Reang, and Wansok Tripura from Tripura State, and Anik Tripura, Payel Tripura, Pakhi Tripura, Joyes Tripura, Prabhat Tripura, and Ratri Tripura from Bangladesh presented a variety of songs in their melodious voices.

The artists from Bodoland also performed the traditional Bagurumba dance and Bwisagu, while other dancers showcased their skills with a range of folk and contemporary dances.

The cultural exchange program provided a platform for artists from different regions to come together and share their art and culture, strengthening the bonds of friendship and harmony between the communities.

The event was a celebration of the diversity and richness of the cultural heritage of Bangladesh, Tripura State, and Bodoland, and a testimony to the power of culture to bring people together.

Cultural exchange program marks Bwisu Festival in Bangladesh
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