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First-Ever Bongaigaon Film Festival begins at Birjhora Public Library Auditorium

March 24, 2023

Bongaigaon: Excitement is brewing in Bongaigaon as the first-ever Bongaigaon Film Festival has begun from 24 to 26 March 2023 at Birjhora Public Library Auditorium, Bongaigaon.

The festival is being organized with the help of Bongaigaon Cine Club and social-cultural group Surya.

The festival will kick off with a painting competition on 24 March at the Chilarai indoor stadium, which will be followed by a picture exhibition and dance competition at Birjhara Public Library Auditorium.

The inauguration ceremony of the film festival will take place on 25 March, which will be graced by the presence of renowned actor Jatin Bora.

Other dignitaries such as Bongaigaon Constituency MLA Fanibhushan Chowdhury, Deputy Commissioner of Bongaigaon district, and Superintendent of Police Swapnanil Deka of Bongaigaon District will also be present.

The festival will feature the screening of several Assamese films, including ‘Shain’, ‘Bandhon’, ‘TRP’, and ‘Golden Boran Pakhi’.

On the final day of the festival, the main contestant of the Assam Government will be present in the program Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Film Kishore Kumar Sharma, the departmental head of the cinematography department of television institutions.

In addition to film screenings and competitions, a competition of traditional dresses will be inaugurated by renowned child expert Dr. Itesh Bordoloi on the final day of the festival.

The Bongaigaon Film Festival is an exciting initiative that aims to promote the art of filmmaking and provide a platform for local talent to showcase their skills.

With the presence of respected dignitaries and talented actors, the festival promises to be an enriching experience for all film enthusiasts and participants alike.

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