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Water From Boshguri FIS & Mahendrapur ELIS Flowing Into The Fields Of 106 farmers

Kokrajhar: The Boshguri Flood Irrigation Scheme (FIS) and Mahendrapur Elevated Lift Irrigation Scheme (ELIS) have brought significant relief to the farmers of the area.

The water from these schemes is now flowing into the fields of 106 farmers, irrigating a total of 240 hectares of farmland.

These schemes were implemented by the Gossaingaon-Kokrajhar West Division of the Department, and they have proved to be extremely beneficial for the farmers in the region.

The schemes have effectively resolved the water woes that the farmers were facing, and have ensured a regular and reliable supply of water for their crops.

The Boshguri FIS and Mahendrapur ELIS have been a resounding success, and they serve as an excellent example of how effective irrigation schemes can help in transforming the lives of farmers and contribute towards the development of the agricultural sector.

water from FIS and ELIS representative image
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