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Ranoj Pegu Discusses School Provincialization in Assam Assembly

March 30, 2023

Assam education minister Ranoj Pegu on Thursday informed that there were no new proposals in place for non-provincialized education institutes in the state.

Addressing the House during the ongoing budget session of the Assam Legislative Assembly today, Ranoj Pegu clarified that there were no plans to amend the laws for provincialization of educational institutes.

The Assam education minister also informed that there is no guarantee that any amendments are brought to the law in the future.

According to Ranoj Pegu, from now on, a state-level committee will decide on the appointments of school teachers.

However, the changes will not apply to all the positions that have been already advertised for so far, he said.

The education minister clarified that for now, the colleges concerned will be able to make appointments of teachers.

Meanwhile, the colleges have been barred from releasing advertisements regarding teacher appointments from now on, added Ranoj Pegu.

In August last year, amid the controversy over shutting down of underperforming schools in the state, the Assam education minister had announced that any grievances in the matter may be sent to him.

Provinding an email address, the education minister informed that citizens can register complaints against any school amalgamation or merger order or can request for modification.

However, they have to provide a strong logic on legitimate grounds for the request, informed Pegu.

The email address provided by the cabinet minister is
Ranoj Pegu further informed that complainants will have to provide the correct Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) code and the current enrolment figure of the school in question.

Taking to Twitter, Ranoj Pegu wrote, “Any complaint against a school amalgamation/merger order or request for modification, supported by strong logic or legitimate grounds may be sent to Provide the correct UDISE code and current enrolment figure.”

Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu
Assam Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu | Photo taken from Google.
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