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Udalguri: Biosecurity Aware and Kit Distribution Program at Sapkhaiti

April 11, 2023

In a bid to transform traditional livelihoods into sustainable economic activities, the Government’s flagship initiative, the Bodoland Pig Mission, held a Biosecurity Awareness and Kit Distribution program at Sapkhaiti in Udalguri on April 10.

The ambitious program is expected to improve the lives of many in the region by promoting pig farming and providing necessary support and training to farmers.

BTR CEM Pramod Boro, along with other dignitaries, including EMs Dr. Nilut Swargiary, Wilson Hasda, and Rakesh Brahma, attended the program.

The distribution of biosecurity kits to farmers is a significant step towards ensuring the safety and health of the pigs, which in turn will boost production and provide better returns to farmers.

The initiative is part of the government’s larger plan to promote animal husbandry and agriculture in the region.

Udalguri Biosecurity Aware and Kit Distribution Program at Sapkhaiti
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