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Vintage military aircraft crash during air show at Dallas

Nov 13, 22: Two aircraft, one of which was a B-17 heavy bomber, collided and crashed during an airshow in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, immediately fell to the ground and exploded in the form of balls of fire.

According to reports, the collision killed six people, all of whom were crew members.

The incident occurred during “America’s Premier World War II Airshow,” which was reportedly Veterans Day, where guests were to see over 40 World War II-era aircraft.

The B-17 bomber was crucial in winning the air war against Germany during WWII.
The second plane, a P-63 Kingcobra, was a fighter plane used in the same war but only by the Soviet Air Force in combat.

The Commemorative Air Force, which organised the event, stated that the B-17 usually has a crew of four to five people, whereas the P-63 has a single pilot – but he could not confirm any fatalities.

Soon after the news broke, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson stated that many details remain unknown or unconfirmed at this time, and that city officials will continue to provide help and support.

Several videos of the mid-air collision were being shared on Twitter. The two aircraft appeared to collide in the air before both rapidly descended, causing a large fire and plumes of black smoke, according to the videos.

Vintage military aircraft crash during air show at Dallas
Photo credit: The New Indian Express
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