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India gifts over 80 vehicles to Nepal for forthcoming polls

Nepal, November 4: Extending logistical aid to Nepal for the behavior of the imminent election, the Indian government on Thursday surpassed over 80 vehicles to Kathmandu’s Election Commission.

In a ceremony, Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Naveen Srivastava surpassed over 80 vehicles to Chief Election Commissioner of Nepal, Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, as part of the 200 vehicles which have been furnished in advance with the aid of using India.

“We are in the process of conducting an election for House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies on November 20, 2022. From today we only have 17 days for Election Day. The periodic election is a must to sustain the democratic system. The Government of India has been helping us in our major elections by providing the vehicles, election materials and other essential supports,” Thapaliya, Chief of Nepal’s electoral body said addressing the event.

Apart from imparting logistical help for the approaching election, the Chief Election Commissioner of India additionally has introduced that they’ll arrive in Nepal to study the conduction of polls on November 20th.

” I am happy to mention that Chief Election Commissioner of India Rajiv Kumar, Chairperson of the Association of World Election Bodies is arriving to observe Election Day with the team,” Chief election commissioner Thapaliya added.

The Indian government has also provided vehicle support as requested by Nepal in recent years for use by the Electoral Commission. To date, 214 vehicles have been donated to the Electoral Commission.

“The Government of Nepal and the Election Commission had requested for vehicles so that the upcoming election of the province and Federal parliament could be conducted efficiently and smoothly. India always has been a good friend of Nepal, our relationship always has been cordial. Being a neighbor and democratic nation, India always has been accepting requests of Nepal’s Election Commission, based on which we are handing over the 80 vehicles,” Indian ambassador Srivastava said.

India and Nepal enjoy diverse and multisectoral alliances rooted in strong civilizational ties and deep people-to-people ties. Today’s handover of the vehicles reflects the close and friendly relationship between India and Nepal.

At the request of the Nepalese government, the Indian government on Tuesday handed over a total of 200 vehicles to be used at the time of the general elections scheduled for the 20th of this month. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava presented vehicles to Finance Minister Janardan Sharma as a gift from India for logistical support to various Nepalese institutions in conducting elections.

India Gifts 80 Cars to Nepal
Image credit: twitter/@IndiaInNepal | India Gifts Cars to Nepal for Upcoming Election

“On the request of the Government of Nepal, the Government of India has provided us with 200 vehicles. On behalf of the Government of Nepal, I thank the Indian Government via the Indian ambassador. These vehicles would be utilized at the time of election by security forces, Election Commission and other concerned bodies. I again thank the Indian ambassador for expediting our request and swift handover,” Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said addressing the event.

Out of the 200 vehicles, 120 are used by the security forces and 80 vehicles by the Nepal Electoral Commission. These vehicles will be helpful to further improve the logistical preparation of diverse establishments of Nepal across the country to conduct the elections.
The Indian government has also provided support in the form of vehicles, as requested by the Government of Nepal in previous years, for use by the Electoral Commission in addition to the safety forces of Nepal.

To date, over 2400 vehicles have been precocious to various Nepali Institutions in establishments for support throughout elections, together with approx. 2000 vehicles to Nepal Police and Armed Police Forces and approx. 400 vehicles to Nepali Army and Election Commission.

“The Government of India for years have been supporting Nepal with vehicles. Till now we have given about 2400 vehicles to the Government of Nepal out of which 2000 are utilized by security forces and 400 by the election commission. We wish you a successful commencement of the election efficiently. The harmonious relationship that exists between India and Nepal, today’s vehicle handover ceremony also reflects the bond,” Indian Ambassador Naveen Srivastava said.

India and Nepal enjoy a multifaceted, multisectoral development partnership that reflects the closeness of the people of both countries. The expansion of these logistic agreements reflects the continued support of the Indian government to help develop people-to-people connections. India handed over a total of 200 vehicles to the Nepal Finance Minister earlier Tuesday and Thursday’s handover is part of that. Of these vehicles, 120 are used by security agencies and 80 by the electoral commission. On November 20, Nepal elects 165 MPs under First Past the Post (FPTP) to the 275-seat House of Representatives or lower house of the bicameral parliament.

The remaining 110 seats will be decided by proportional representation. The state parliaments, on the other hand, would represent 330 seats.

Image credit: twitter/@IndiaInNepal

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