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The Assam Government plans to eliminate 8000 regular School teacher positions

Nov 8, 2022: The Assam government has decided to cut 8000 School Teacher positions in the Elementary Education Department, an official said.

In a letter to the State Accountant General (AG), Assam, the Department of School Education said the government had decided to eliminate 8,000 sanctioned vacancies of regular teachers under the Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam.

“I am directed to convey the approval of the Government in the Department of School Education for abolishing of 8000 (Eight Thousand) sanctioned vacant posts of regular teacher (4265 pots of Lower Primary Schools and 3715 posts of Upper Primary Schools) under the Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam…that were kept vacant to maintain financial neutrality regarding providing of additional service benefits to the State Pool Teachers under SSA, Assam as per Decision of Honorable Cabinet meeting held on 26.05. 2020,” the letter written by Bijoya Choudhury, secretary to Assam school education department to AG, read.

Ranoj Pegu, Assam Education Minister, asserts that the elimination of positions was done to avoid duplication because the state had previously engaged 8,000 contractual teachers. Additionally, he claimed that Assam had one of the best student-to-teacher ratios in India, but that teacher rationalization was critical for fiscal discipline.

Assam Govt eliminates 8000 regular School teacher
Assam Govt eliminates 8000 regular School teacher / Representative image
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